When you've been in the rap game since you were 9 years old, it's expected that you would have a plethora of hits in the chamber. Forcing someone into that role seems less ideal than locating people who are less famous but more worthy of the emulation.” This is especially pertinent when you compare Lil Wayne to someone like Jay Z , his one-time p… Read More

Cholesterol is a vital component and it is utilized for building blocks for cell membranes, maintaining good cells, an aid to digestion, and in the production of sexual hormones.As we know, we've the good, the bad as well as the ugly.The good cholesterol equals the HDL (High Density Lipoprotein). The aim is to increase this type of cholesterol as i… Read More

Add a personal touch to your event here in Costa Rica with our recommended local bands. The best band of all styles of jazz in Los Cabos, (traditional, contemporary, latin, swing, blues, R & B,fusion, pop, etc.) with based in Los Cabos for more than 15 years, professional musicians, specialist in their instrument. From caviar to kids' menu, Pura V… Read More

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Although I have a chiropractic degree from Life University in Marietta, Georgia, I do not encourage students to enter the profession. I was only eighteen at the time, and so my parents had a lot to say about my decision , and that delayed me somewhat. One of those beliefs is that Ph.D.'s who don't land tenure-track jobs aren't trying hard enough, s… Read More